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June 26th, 2015 | THN News
DataRealm Comments on the Security Benefits of Password Hashing Best Practices
NEWS (The Hosting News) – Datarealm, a leading provider of cloud, virtual private server, and dedicated server hosting, has commented to highlight the importance of following best practices when hashing and salting passwords. The company, a hosting provider for hundreds of web services that rely on passwords for authentication, has highlighted the recent security breach at...

HeatSync Competitive Analytics Launches Partner Program to Maximize Revenue for Hosting Companies

Secondary Sites: The Pursuit for Business Continuity

Indian Government Declares Support for Multistakeholder Model of Internet Governance at ICANN53
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Market Update
· T: $35.77 (ATT)
· DLR: $65.89 (Digital Realty Trust)
· EIGI: $20.00 (EIG)
· EQIX: $250.33 (Equinix)
· GDDY: $28.18 (GoDaddy)
· DLX: $60.77 (Hostopia)
· HPQ: $29.97 (HP)
· IBM: $162.97 (IBM)
· LVLT: $52.11 (Level3)
· NAVI: $18.11 (Navisite)
· NTT: $35.80 (NTT)
· Q: $72.08 (Qwest)
· RAX: $36.98 (Rackspace)
· UNTD: $15.80 (United Online)
· WWWW: $23.49 (Web.com)
· YHOO: $38.91 (Yahoo)
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