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November 20th, 2015 | Benjamin Ehinger
Diane Greene’s Bebop Technologies Purchased by Google
NEWS Google has announced the purchase of Bebop Technologies, founded by Diane Greene, making the purchase in an attempt to help Google’s mission at becoming the go-to for cloud providers. The startup had been working towards building a platform for maintaining enterprise applications. The Bebop team will be joining Google once everything is finalized and Greene...

Future Hosting Announces a New Data Center in the Netherlands

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· T: $33.77 (ATT)
· DLR: $72.80 (Digital Realty Trust)
· EIGI: $13.91 (EIG)
· EQIX: $300.63 (Equinix)
· GDDY: $31.28 (GoDaddy)
· DLX: $60.01 (Hostopia)
· HPQ: $12.74 (HP)
· IBM: $141.28 (IBM)
· LVLT: $52.85 (Level3)
· NAVI: $12.25 (Navisite)
· NTT: $37.92 (NTT)
· Q: $68.94 (Qwest)
· RAX: $29.22 (Rackspace)
· UNTD: $11.62 (United Online)
· WWWW: $24.72 (Web.com)
· YHOO: $33.71 (Yahoo)
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