5 Security Features Your Web Host Should Have
May 28th, 2013 By: Tavis J. Hampton

Just because a web host says it is secure does not mean it offers the security features you actually need. Security is a very general term, but there are often very specific security issues some web hosts fail to address. The following are 5 features your web host should definitely have.

  1. Intrusion detection – There are two approaches to intrusions: proactive and reactive. You want the host that will be proactive, detecting intruders before they can do the damage. Ask a potential host if they have intrusion detection systems in place.
  2. Secure file transfer – All hosts offer some form of file transfer, usually FTP, but you should look for a host that offers some security, such as SFTP, SCP, or anything else using SSH for encrypted connections
  3. Malware prevention – Malware comes in many forms: viruses, trojans, botnets, and many others. Some are designed to infect the server itself, while others will attack your local computer. A good web host will stop them before they have a chance to do either.
  4. Data center security – Physical security is just as important as the virtual kind. The data center’s premises should be monitored, guarded, and have fire prevention, cooling, and redundant power solutions.
  5. Firewalls – Network security is a given for any host, but you should check the specifics. A good host will have firewalls at the router, server, and application level to prevent a variety of intrusion attempts.

All web hosts like to advertise themselves as being secure, but you need to read the fine print and see what they really offer. Do they have some type of interruption credit guarantee, such as an SLA (service level agreement)? You need to know the details before you can make an informed decision.

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