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February 27th, 2012 By:

(The Hosting News) – Advanced Web, a Virginia-based systems engineering firm, is now offering DNS architecture services that will give web hosting companies and data centers an alternative to high-priced appliance devices.

Advanced Web touts low project costs as the primary benefit of their DNS platform development services, with savings of tens of thousands of dollars over appliance implementations. “Our solution is perfect for companies that have aging or unsecure DNS environments and need to fix their mission-critical infrastructure quickly and without sacrificing stability, security, or performance,” said Brad Caricofe, Principal Systems Engineer and Chief DNS Architect.

The company’s DNS appliance alternative is hosted on custom-built Red Hat or CentOS Linux-based servers, and it is available for deployment within dedicated or virtualized environments. “Our server implementations are secure, high-performance foundations for our DNS operations and management software, and they can be hosted at your site or ours,” said Caricofe.

Features of their DNS architecture service include support for IPv6 and DNSSEC protocols, geographical dispersion of service for best-practice redundancy, and secure graphical management capabilities for staff and customers. “Our solutions are custom-tailored for each client and includes everything a business needs to deploy and manage a production-class DNS environment,” said Caricofe.

Advanced Web has the ability to customize your new system with enhancements like linking account numbers to zone files. “Our service includes evaluation of your existing DNS infrastructure and a professional and honest assessment of the exact changes that need to be made. We are prepared to manage every aspect of rolling over to a new DNS architecture,” said Caricofe.

Mr. Caricofe is a former systems engineer for Red Hat, Inc., and has worked on Global DNS Architecture for VeriSign, Inc. He recently overhauled a 10,000 zone DNS for a media conglomerate consisting of eight television stations and a mainstream political newspaper.

Advanced Web has been providing professional Virginia search engine optimization, web development, and systems engineering solutions to over 400 clients worldwide since 1999. For more information on Advanced Web’s services, visit

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