Basic cPanel Security Tools

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March 12th, 2013 By:

There is no all-in-one solution for website security, but some hosting automation systems can help make certain security features easier to manage and implement. cPanel offers a number of security tools, including the following:

For more information about any of the above security tools and a complete list of security tools available in cPanel, see the online documentation.

Corero Network Security

* Real-time DDoS protection for you and your customers
* Purpose built DDoS protection appliance deployed at the Internet edge
* On-premises technology is designed to handle volumetric network-based DDoS attacks or floods, reflective and amplified spoof attacks, like DNS and NTP attacks, as well as application layer attacks - such as slow loris, slow read etc
* Unique, slim-line appliance family delivers 10 Gbps full-duplex performance in a 1/4 wide, 1 RU form factor, enabling Hosting providers to deploy a combination of SmartWall TDS appliances to deliver the performance, connectivity and security required
* Providers are now enabled to offer creative new offerings, such as DDoS and cyber threat protection, enhanced security SLAs as well as visibility and reporting through an analytics portal that can be leveraged as a premium service offering