U.S. at Odds with Arab Countries Over New Web Control

Cable Cut Hits Bangladesh with Internet Problems

Bangladesh cable

June 8th, 2012 By:

(The Hosting News) – If you happen to be an online user in the country of Bangladesh, you could be in for some trouble. According to a BBC report on Friday, a major cable line connecting critical services to the country was cut.

Located between France and Malaysia, the cable itself is a submarine line running underwater. Widespread reports have indicated slow connectivity issues for web users in Bangladesh.

However, it’s unclear out the cable was disrupted. “Bangladesh does not have an alternative submarine cable or any other connection,” emphasized Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company managing director Monwar Hossain in the BBC’s report.

Meanwhile, a fix to the issue could arrive sometime during next week. Bangladesh has a relatively smaller Internet population compared to other nations.

Earlier this year in February, the Christian Science Monitor reported that a ship’s anchor off the coast of Mombasa, Kenya had cut a cable carrying online access to six African countries including Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya. And in 2011, an elderly woman in the country of Georgia accidently cut a cable, causing an online outage in the neighboring country of Armenia

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