Cloud Web Hosting

Websites hosted on a cloud hosting platform operate on clustered servers so that online operations are not limited to a single server or point of failure. Cloud hosting benefits include a high level of scalability which makes it possible for website expansion to be achieved without typical server resource limitations.

Security, load balancing, and hardware resources are all handled virtually, so that website access includes processing power distribution over multiple servers in real time. This also means that issues such as migration between servers and sudden surge crashes can be easily avoided with cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting can also be a much more cost efficient solution, since charges are based upon the quantity of computing power used. Because cloud hosting provides near-instant expansion as service demands increase – without having to address hardware and server requirements, it is a viable web hosting solution for many online businesses.

Caronet Cloud – VMware Private and Public Cloud

* No Force-Fitting Configurations – Build to Your Requirements
* Enhanced Security, High Performance and Robust Infrastructure
* Fully-Redundant Architecture Built for High Reliability
* RESTful API – User Friendly & Syncs Easily with Current Programming
* Enterprise Level Support 24 x 7 x365