Dedicated Server Hosts

Dedicated server hosts provide customers with servers for their exclusive use, usually housed in secure data centers. While similar to colocation services, dedicated server hardware is owned by the provider, rather than the customer.

Because customers lease an entire server that is not shared with any other entity, it is a more flexible solution than shared or VPS hosting, allowing customers to have full control over the server(s). Dedicated server hosts may also include varying levels of managed support for maintenance, upgrades, patches and security which can be very beneficial for customers. For example, operating system updates and support can eliminate much of the time consuming and expensive server management burden for the dedicated server owner.

Dedicated server web hosting is typically advantageous for businesses that require more space or control over their web sites than shared plans can offer, with the added benefit of less security risk and various support options to choose from.

Caronet Dedicated Servers – Experience Elite Infrastructure and Enterprise Hardware

* 99.999% Uptime SLA Guarantee with 24 x 7 x 365 Support
* Enterprise Dell Brand Baremetal Servers
* Dedicated 2.0 – Reliability of Dedicated with Benefits of Cloud
* High Performance – Enterprise Class Storage
* Seamless Migrations Between Dedicated and Cloud