Devs Hope to Kickstart Neon Control Panel

Developers Hope to Kickstart Neon Control Panel

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January 3rd, 2013 By:

(The Hosting News) – Could there be a new up and comer in the area of hosting control panels? Neon, an initiative launched by developers is hoping to collect at least 10 thousand dollars via a recently launched fundraising campaign at

Neon plans to be based on Debian – a version of Linux OS.

Creators intend two versions: a Community Support Edition along with a Pro Edition. The community one will feature things like a file manager, MySQL & PHP integration, DNS, backups, and email management while the latter will add things priority and ticket support. Other features of Pro will include a WHMCS module along with master reseller support.

“Developing a large system takes time and effort, we stand prepared to continue developing the project and have the experience and professionalism to complete the project,” comment the developers via their page at

Dependant upon how much funds are raised, developers plan to add additional support. If up to $15 thousand is accounted for, compatibility with Apache and Lighthttpd is expected. In other increments including $20 thousand, $30 thousand and $40 thousands, fundraising could allow Neon’s creators to add support for things like remote automatic backups, file cloning, REHL, CentOS, Fedora and Ubuntu compatibility.

Meanwhile, incentives for supporting the project include access to professional licenses, among other notable things.

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