End of Year Ecommerce Renewals You Should Remember

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December 31st, 2012 By:

Another year has come and gone, and your Ecommerce site survived through what was undoubtedly a difficult economic year. Now that you have time to reflect and analyze your business successes and failures, it is also a great time to perform maintenance on your site, finish any pending tasks, and renew any annual services that you use. The following is a list of important renewals you should remember.

1. Domain names – Some simply put their domains on automatic renewal, but if you have not and only paid for one year, you should at the very least check to see when your domain will expire. It might not be at the end of the calendar year, but now is a good time to check.

2. SSL Certificate – If your certificate is on an annual subscription, you will need to renew it with your SSL vendor. Renewal is usually pretty easy, and it will help you avoid the costly security errors that browsers display when a certificate is expired.

3. Annual Hosting – When you pay for web hosting, hosting automation, and other such services on an annual basis, you need to budget for each year’s payments. Even if yours is not due for another few months, go ahead and factor those expenses into your budget for the coming year.

4. Ecommerce Software – If you bought your Ecommerce software at a flat fee or are using an open source solution, you might not need to budget for this one. But if you paid a vendor a subscription license or have an annual support contract, you need to make sure you have the funds to cover this expense.

You may have other annual fees for banking, payment processors, security contracts, and more. It is important to keep a list of all of them and budget for them each year. This could help you avoid a big headache and possibly even financial loss in the future.

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