For Amazon, It’s a Messy Cloud at Times

For Amazon, It’s a Messy Cloud at Times

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December 27th, 2012 By:

(The Hosting News) – Amazon’s latest cloud computing problem perhaps arrived at the worst time possible: The day before Christmas. According to a variety of reports, top video streaming service Netflix faced downtime following issues with Amazon’s data center located in northern Virginia.

Customers looking to access Christmas-related content were surely disappointed for some time as they unsuccessfully attempted to access services.

Meanwhile, Netflix reassured customers the problem was being looked into. “We’re sorry for the Christmas Eve outage. Terrible timing! Engineers are working on it now,” stated the company via its Twitter account.

By Christmas day, things were back up and running as Netflix announced streaming levels had returned to normalcy.

Amazon’s problem at the center of the downtime? According to a report from the New York Times, Elastic Load Balancing was to blame. Despite that, not many other details have arrived. A full detailed report could arrive at a later date, though.

The issue is just the latest event in a somewhat murky history of downtime for the popular cloud provider. In October, issues affecting the company’s ElastiCache, RDS and Elastic Computer Cloud led to downtime for several popular websites. Those affected included Pinterest, Quora, Foursquare and Reddit.

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