GoDaddy Invests in Domain Aftermarket, Buys Afternic

GoDaddy Invests in Domain Aftermarket, Buys Afternic

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September 19th, 2013 By:

(The Hosting News) – GoDaddy on Thursday announced its acquisition of Afternic, a move that enables the world’s top domain registrar to obtain a large amount of inventory domains.

Financial terms of the deal were not made available in a press release regarding the matter.

The web host says the move will enable buyers to “to purchase registered domain names offered for sale quickly and easily” in addition to benefiting upcoming new TLDs by making the aftermarket “more diverse.”

In a press release, Go Daddy CEO Blake Irvin emphasized that the importance of having the “right domain.”

“GoDaddy is working to bring the ‘domain aftermarket’ together with new registrations and make both super-simple to access. Our customers need an easy way to buy the name they want, regardless of whether it’s new or has been registered previously. This acquisition forms a registrar-led process that creates faster and more trusted transactions across the board,” he commented.

Afternic’s DLC network will be integrated into Go Daddy’s domain search results – a move that allows available domains to be listed through a single registrar in addition to the entire network. Integration will also include Go Daddy’s security and architecture.

Upon purchase, domain transactions are expected to occur instantaneously, something that won’t require days for the transfer process.

“GoDaddy’s adoption and endorsement of Afternic as the standard for Fast Transfer will accelerate the growth of the domain aftermarket across the entire industry,” stated Afternic SVP of Business Development Bob Mountain.

For more information on Afternic and the company’s domain inventory, visit:

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