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November 8th, 2012 By:

(The Hosting News) – Google today made a major effort to expand accessibility to its basic online services through third world areas. The internet pioneer has launched Free Zone, providing mobile users with what it says will allow them to use its popular search engine while receiving no charges for data.

“Free Zone is an exciting new product that allows users to access Google+, Gmail, and Google Search on their mobile phone without incurring data charges – no data plan needed. It’s available on most internet-enabled mobile phones,” the company stated on the website for the service.

The provider says users can use the search engine and access links without incurring costs. However, if a user opts to click more links after accessing the initial search result’s link, they’ll receive a fee warning.

“It’s aimed at the next billion users of the Internet, many of whom will be in emerging markets and encounter the Internet first on a mobile phone, without ever owning a PC,” commented Google product manager AbdelKarim Mardini in a Reuters report.

Google is reportedly launching the service first in the Philippines via a partnership with Globe Telecom, a mobile carrier. Its accessibility, meanwhile, is expected to expand in the near future.

While places like the Philippines and Sub-Saharan Africa are no strangers to mobile technology, they simply lack in an increasingly stronger smartphone industry. The Google service is specially optimized for non-smartphones, otherwise considered feature phones. Despite that, smartphone users can still access the platform.

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