How to Generate Passwords with cPanel
November 29th, 2012 By: Tavis J. Hampton

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In a previous post, we detailed how you could use a third-party website to generate secure passwords for your web hosting accounts or pretty much any other type of account. If you have cPanel, however, you can actually generate passwords from within your web-based control panel.

cPanel does not have a separate app for generating passwords, but whenever you create or modify an account, it gives you the option to generate a secure password. For example, if you create a new email account, the password generation box will appear on the form.

After you fill in the email address, it will ask you for a password. Type in your best attempt at a secure password, and it will tell you how weak or strong it is. Alternatively, simply click the “Password Generator” button next to it. A window will appear with a stronger password. If you do not like the password given, you can click “Generate Password” again to receive a different one.

The Password Generator also includes advanced features. You can set the length of the password (10 to 18 characters), specify whether you want to use upper and/or lowercase letters, and specify whether you want to use numbers and/or symbols. To complete the password generation, check the box labeled “I have copied this password in a safe place” and click “Use Password”.

The strength meter should now read “very strong”. If not, go back and try generating another password. You can then proceed with your account creation as you normally would, using an ultra-strong password generated by cPanel.

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