How to Optimize Websites with cPanel

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January 28th, 2013 By:

If you search the web, you will likely find a myriad of ways to optimize websites. Depending on the type of website you have, it may involve something as basic as making website images with smaller file sizes or something more specific to web applications like PHP caching. You can also perform a few site optimizations within cPanel, such as content compression.

Normally, whenever people visit your website, they will receive whatever pages your server sends to their browsers in the original full-size files that are stored on the server. Using standard gzip compression, an Apache module called mod_deflate can compress your site’s content when it is served up to clients, and then the client browser will uncompress them and display them for the user. All modern web browsers support this type of compression.

To enable compression in cPanel, go to the Software/Services section on your home screen and then choose “Optimize Website”. Then, to compress all of your website’s content, choose “Compress all” and click “Update Settings”.

You also have the option of only compressing specific types of content. You can declare those types using standard MIME types. For example, if you only wanted video types, you would enter MIME types like video/ogg, video/mp4, and video/x-matroska. When you have entered the types you want to use, click “Update Settings”

cPanel uses the standard Apache mod_deflate module to handle all compression. For more specific information on mod_deflate, visit the only Apache web server documentation.

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