IBM to Migrate its SmartCloud Customers to SoftLayer

IBM to Migrate its SmartCloud Customers to SoftLayer

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November 4th, 2013 By:THN News

(The Hosting News) – In June, IBM announced its intention to purchase cloud-centric provider SoftLayer. Now, the companies are implementing a strategy that re-shifts some services.

According to a report from The Register on Thursday, IBM has plans to migrate customers away from its SmartCloud service and transition them to using a similar cloud service from SoftLayer.

Migrations are set to be completed by January 31st of next year as IBM will shut SmartCloud down.

“IBM can confirm that clients using its public cloud platform will be transitioned to the Softlayer (an IBM company) public cloud platform, providing clients with a higher performing public cloud solution with advanced functionality,” remarked an IBM spokesperson in a report from The Register’s Simon Sharwood.

When IBM announced the SoftLayer purchase earlier this year, the company noted it would push forward with building out its public cloud infrastructure.

Meanwhile, The Register’s report noted that IBM’s shuttering of its own cloud service in preference for SoftLayer’s may have had something to do with IBM’s failure to secure a CIA contract.

SoftLayer maintains 13 data centers worldwide and IBM’s migration move is expected to expand SoftLayer’s already strong base of 21 thousand clients.


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