U.S. at Odds with Arab Countries Over New Web Control

Internet Blackout Hits Syria Amid Civil War

internet outage Syria Syria internet

November 29th, 2012 By:

(The Hosting News) – Amid continued conflict, online access in the middle-eastern country of Syria appears to once again have been shut down.

Security firm Renesys reported through its blog on Thursday that all of the country’s 84 IP address blocks had turned unresponsive.

Despite the purported downtime, not everything in the country was down. Some networks appeared up and running via what Renesys said were traceroutes.

Syria’s internet stability has been questionable in the recent past.

“It has been a crazy year for Syrian Internet transit arrangements, most recently with the loss of Deutsche Telekom as a transit provider earlier this month,” Renesys stated via its blog post.

In June of last year, the same security firm reported Sryia’s internet had been restored following a number of anti-government protests. During that time, nearly two-thirds of the country’s networks had been become unreachable.

Renesys, however, wasn’t the only security firm to report on the most recent outage. Akamai also reported similar results, according to the BBC.

Syria has been facing an ongoing civil war since March of last year in which current President Bashar al-Assad’s regime has face considerable opposition for not implementing political reforms.

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