IT Market Set for Heavy Outsourcing by 2018

IT Market Set for Heavy Outsourcing by 2018

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October 7th, 2013 By:

(The Hosting News) – Expect more and more enterprises to outsource their respective IT infrastructures: The notion was recently backed up in a study conducted by IT and enterprise cloud provider Savvis, a subsidiary of CenturyLink.

Via its study, the company specifically found that 70% of all enterprises would outsource their IT infrastructure by 2018 due to factors such as cost savings, “in-house skills shortages” in addition to a “growing emphasis on business-advancing applications.”

The study was a result of Savvis’s partnership with research firm Vanson Bourne which polled 550 people involved in the IT market in several countries.

In a press release, Savvis President Jeff Von Deylen called the forecast a “dramatic shift in the way organizations approach IT.”

The projection represents a flip from today as 65% of companies’ IT infrastructures currently resides via “in-house environments.”

“Clearly, cloud is part of the picture but it’s not the whole picture. As businesses grow and move more IT infrastructure to outsourcing providers, they will adopt a strategic mix of colocation, managed-hosting and cloud services,” stated Deylen.

Meanwhile, other study results showed that 90% of respondents currently use some form of cloud while other IT elements that companies could outsource included things like data centers, content-management apps and storage. You can view the study’s full results here (

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