2014 Conference Announced
June 27th, 2013 By: THN News

(The Hosting News) – In January 2014, Perth, Western Australia will be playing host to the continents premier free & open source software & open source systems conference – draws attendees and speakers  worldwide from all spheres of open source, geeks, hackers, professionals, hobbyists, students, lecturers, unverisities, and business partners.

The conference is held over five days, in 2014 from the 6th to 10th January, and will comprise five tracks of presentation and tutorial sessions. Additionally every day starts with a keynote presentation. We’ve yet to confirm the list of keynote speakers for 2014, but for a taster of the caliber of speakers we attract here’s a selection of past keynoters:

  • 2013 Canberra: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Radia Perlman
  • 2012 Ballarat: Jacob Appelbaum, Bruce Perens, Paul Fenwick
  • 2011 Brisbane: Vint Cerf, GeoffHuston, EricAllman, Mark Pesce
  • 2010 Wellington: Benjamin Mako Hill, Nathan Torkington, Glyn Moody

The open source conference is unique among technical conferences in that it is not a trade show, nor is it a geekfest. The conference is a special blend of both business and private individuals that come together under a common umbrella of free software, open source technologies & all things open source.

Big business is always in attendance – many of the main sponsors are drawn from the corporate world. Much of the worlds top technologies and technology companies are underpinned by the Linux operating system and this conference is an obvious choice for their key IT staff. Both to present and to network and learn from others.

The use of open source technologies and the Linux operating system is not just confined to business though, and you will find many hobbyists who use Linux to make music, develop graphic art, study astronomy, design electronics, hack and just generally play (yes, even computer games).

This blend gives the conference a special feeling of a close community yet manages to cater to a very wide audience and avoids the uncomfortable schmooze factor that accompanies many corporate trade shows.

For more information, please visit:

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