Managed Server Hosting

Managed server hosting companies handle the daily operations of servers including all maintenance and updates. Managed server hosting options work well for small businesses in particular, since the solution eliminates the necessity and expense of buying, operating and maintaining the server.

Experienced system administrators handle tasks such as applying software patches, kernel compiling, OS restoration and the constant security monitoring of the server. Because customers may effectively rely upon the expertise of technical professionals to perform essential mission critical tasks, Managed Server Hosting is often one of the more viable hosting options for businesses to consider.

Managed Hosting with Steadfast Experts

– Steadfast is “Always There” from design, implementation, and support
- Focus on your core business while Steadfast experts support your environment
- 100% Uptime SLA and easy growth options for expansion
- 24/7/365 onsite support; 2 hour hardware replacement
- On-demand DNS management, security assessments and antivirus protection

CaroNet managed hosting solutions engineered for your business

* Cloud, dedicated and hybrid hosting / collocation / managed services
* Performance tuned solutions
* 60 Gbps redundant BGP networking in our Tier-3 data centers
* Celebrating 15 years in data center operations
* Uptime guaranteed