Mozilla Names Chris Beard Interim CEO

Mozilla Names Chris Beard Interim CEO

Chris Beard interim CEO mozilla

April 15th, 2014 By:

(The Hosting News) – Mozilla has named former Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Beard, interim chief executive officer, announced the company on Monday.

In a blog post from the company, Executive Chairwoman Mitchell Baker said this appointment comes “in the midst of an unexpected leadership transition” within the company.

“Chris has been a Mozillian longer than most. He’s been actively involved with Mozilla since before we shipped Firefox 1.0, he’s guided and directed many of our innovative projects, and his vision and sense of Mozilla is equal to anyone’s. I have relied on his judgement and advice for nearly a decade. This is an excellent time for Chris to bring his understanding of Mozilla to the Board.”

Beard has played a big role in the company throughout the years. He was responsible for the initial launch of Firefox on Android and Firefox OS, along with leading Mozilla’s product and marketing teams.

“Excited to step in as interim CEO to continue shaping the future of the Web for public good w/fellow Mozillians,” said Beard on his Twitter account.

Beard succeeds former CEO, Breandan Eich, who resigned less than two weeks ago due to the public backlash on his $1,000 donation that he made in 2008 in support of Proposition 8, a California law that was in favor of banning same-sex marriage.

News of his donation was first made public in 2012, but did not spark controversy until he was named CEO of the company.

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