Dedicated Server Firm, The Planet Data Center Management, Garners Award
May 29th, 2008 By: Hosting News

Houston, Texas – (The Hosting News) – May 29, 2008 – The Planet privately held dedicated hosting company’s Vice President of Facilities, Jeff Lowenberg, has garnered’s first-ever ”Data Center Manager of the Year” award.

The award recognizes excellence in data center project management, according to senior site editor Matt Stansberry. Mr. Lowenberg was recognized for his work that will save the company over $1 million on energy costs in 2008 alone, based on the implementation of new ”green” data center efficiencies.

Mr. Lowenberg provided a guided tour that outlines the efficiencies the company has implemented. Douglas J. Erwin, Chairman and CEO of The Planet remarked, ”From our own research and through discussions with customers, they choose The Planet based on the quality of our world-class data centers and network, as well as our reputation for customer service. With more than 50,000 servers across our data centers, energy is our fourth-largest expense. Jeff Lowenberg’s work contributes significantly to customer satisfaction, as well as to our bottom line. Jeff’s award is a resounding commentary on the quality of our data centers, which our customers will appreciate.”

Mr. Lowenberg conducted a six-month trial to reduce power consumption and increase data center operating efficiency. Initial results demonstrate that while critical server loads increased by 5 percent, power used for cooling decreased by 31 percent. Overall, the company experienced power reductions of up to 13.5 percent through a broad range of improvements. The new green initiatives were conducted across its six world-class data centers.

Armin Heinlein with Panalpina Group was a runner-up, followed by finalists Ben Stewart with Terremark and William Stewart with Sempra Energy.

The Planet operates more than 150 30-ton computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units across its six data centers. In one data center alone, the company was able to turn off four of the units. The cooling requirement on two of the units was reduced to 50 percent of capacity, while another nine now operate at 25 percent of capacity. The company also extended the return air plenums on all of its down-flow CRAC units to optimize efficiency. In some cases, The Planet team was able to increase CRAC unit temperature settings by as much as 10 degrees while still meeting the thermal guidelines for data processing environments set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Across the board, the company evaluated both its data center footprint and recommended guidelines from the Site Uptime Network, an invitation-only consortium of companies that operate data centers around the globe. The Planet also evaluated standards for air conditioning efficiency from ASHRAE to optimize operating performance. Among these improvements are the following:

  • Rearranged floor tiles to better manage cold airflow
  • Installed seals and grommets in the ceilings, walls and floors to reduce bypass airflow
  • Installed blanking plates in server cabinets to direct airflow more efficiently
  • Sealed power distribution units to reduce bypass airflow

Last month, The Planet added an automated recovery solution, which is now available on all of its new and existing servers within the company’s extensive offerings. The Automated Rescue Environment (ARE) allows customers to self-restore and repair their servers directly from The Planet customer portal in the event of a critical software failure.

Ultimately, The Planet endeavors to provide the following:

  • High level of network capacity and speed to deliver peak performance
  • Instant scalability to handle even the largest spikes in network traffic
  • Parallel, redundant, multi-tiered network routing and switching architecture to assure reliability and stability
  • Multiple layer network security that prevents Delayed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks from harming businesses
  • Knowledgeable experts with a passion for excellence and a commitment to operate the best networks in the business

The Planet is a leading provider of On Demand IT Infrastructure solutions, hosting more than 22,000 small and medium size businesses and 6.7 million web sites worldwide, using the best choice of servers, software tools and support, backed by state-of-the-art facilities and network connectivity.

For more information about The Planet, please visit:

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