Web Hosting: Globat.com Launches a New Control Panel, The Globat Command Console

February 3rd, 2004 By:

Los Angeles – Leading Web hosting provider Globat.com today
announced the launch of its brand new control panel, The Globat Command Consoleâ„¢.
This fast, streamlined, user-friendly control panel is a huge technological leap
and provides a strong competitive edge for one of the nation’s fastest growing
web hosting companies.

The Globat Command Console (GCC) was designed by Globat.com’s in-house
development team and is customized to the Globat.com user’s needs. The fully
graphical interface is very simple to use and is a vast improvement over the
off-the-shelf control panel software Globat.com had been offering until now.
“Launching of the Globat Command Console is consistent with our “Web Hosting
Made Easy®” motto and is our most exciting innovation to date” said Ben R.
Neumann, Globat.com’s President and CEO. “Not only will the GCC transform
the entire Globat.com hosting experience for all our customers but with this
proprietary software we can upgrade and expand it at will. This means that the
user will get a totally customized experience unlike any on the market”.

Web site owners use the control panel to access their site on the Web server,
allowing them to set-up and subsequently update and customize their web site.
Hosting services, Web sites, FTP accounts, domains and emails can be accessed
centrally through the GCC. “The control panel is a very necessary part of
maintaining a website” said Globat.com’s CTO Chris Ueland.

“The GCC is faster because it is designed from the ground up with
Globat.com’s infrastructure in mind. We can have quicker turn around time for
new features, build online help tutorials and make it work better with our very
sophisticated hardware infrastructure”.

The Globat Command Console® comes with a Macromedia Flash based movie tutorial
and is available to all Globat.com customers as of today, February 2, 2004. # #
# Press Contact: Cliona Murphy Tel. + 1 323 874 9000 e-mail: prdept@globat.com
Notes to Editor View The Globat Command Console® at http://login.globat.com.

Globat.com, LLC (http://www.globat.com) provides affordable, quality Web hosting
solutions to over 25,000 customers worldwide. Globat.com founder, Ben R.
Neumann, was a pioneer of the low-cost Web hosting industry in 1994 when he
founded Icom.com, which was sold to Interliant in 1998 and is today owned by
Interland. The company is privately held and headquartered in Los Angeles,

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