Report: NSA Tapped into 50,000 Networks with Malware

Report: NSA Tapped into 50,000 Networks with Malware

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November 25th, 2013 By:

(The Hosting News) – The NSA’s controversial snooping techniques were so expansive they reportedly tapped into 50 thousand networks, Netherlands-based newspaper reported on Saturday.

The source of the claim was none other than former NSA contractor Edward Snowden who reportedly provided documentation.

Via its “Computer Network Exploitation,” otherwise abbreviated “CNE,” the organization pushed malicious software that included malware.

The documentation covered an NSA management presentation dated as recent as last year.

Pushing its malicious software, the NSA employed a department known as “Tailored Access Operations (TAO),” reportedly comprised of more than one thousand hackers.

TAO was previously covered in reports from The Washington Post.

In its defense, the government and NSA have maintained that its snooping programs are in place to protect the U.S. homeland from terrorist and outside threats. However, that hasn’t stopped Edward Snowden’s leaks from generating a considerable amount of backlash. NSA chief Keith Alexander reportedly offered his resignation to the Obama administration during the summer – an offer the President turned down, according to The Hill.

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