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January 7th, 2013 By:

(The Hosting News) – ThemeChillly , a premium WordPress theme provider, announces the launch of  DedicatedChilly  – an exclusive WordPress theme for Dedicated Hosting sellers.

“While there’s no dearth of WordPress themes, there are very few  WordPress themes available specifically  for Dedicated hosting sellers. With our experience & knowledge about the domain & web hosting industry, we are trying to bridge this gap. DedicatedChilly is designed taking into consideration all the features that a dedicated hosting seller aspires for.”- said Mr Munesh Jadoun, Founder & CEO, ThemeChilly. “The response we got for our previous themes was overwhelming & we expect the same for DedicatedChilly  too.”

DedicatedChilly lets sellers categorize their servers on the basis of cores. This categorization makes it easier for the customer to navigate the website and see the details of the servers available with a particular core. Also available is an exclusive ‘promos’ page, named by the company as  ‘Specials’,  which will help dedicated hosts sellers announce the promotional offers on servers. The theme is also useful in displaying complete detail about datacenters which is a must for any website selling dedicated hosting.

Fully compatible with WordPress latest version – 3.5, and having cross browser compatibility , ThemeChilly comes with the following  customized features, other than the ones mentioned above:

ThemeChilly is one of the few companies whose forte is to offer WordPress themes for the niche market of the Web hosting industry. In the past, the company has provided many themes such as DomainChilly, CloudChilly , HostChillyV2 and HostChilly for domain resellers, web hosting providers, cloud hosting providers , hosting resellers and datacenters. DedicatedChilly is yet another  addition to its basket, intended especially for Dedicated hosting sellers.

DedicatedChilly WordPress theme is priced at 79 dollars & WHMCS template is priced at 29 dollars. The bundle package of WordPress theme & WHMCS Template can be purchased for 89 dollars.

To see a demo of the theme, please visit

For more information, visit the company website at

About ThemeChilly

ThemeChilly is the premium WordPress & WHMCS Themes Provider. It serves the niche market of web hosting industry by creating professional themes for the web hosting community. To know more; please visit

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