Wargaming.net Reveals Details on World of Tanks Data Center in North America

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February 25th, 2011 By:

(The Hosting News) – Wargaming.net announced today the company is using Caronet data center facilities for operating its highly-anticipated MMO action game WORLD OF TANKS in North America. Caronet owns and operates a large private data center complex specializing in reliable infrastructure to enable totally fail-safe online operations.

With the ever growing expansion of the video game industry into more and more arenas, Caronet has positioned itself as an incubator for new and emerging technologies as well as an innovator in the design and architecture necessary to facilitate the next level of content delivery.  Its uniquely designed network is both fully redundant and self-healing from top to bottom with a collapsed core/distribution layer to better facilitate truly remarkable amounts of bandwidth.
“We considered several data centers before launching World of Tanks for North America. We were fortunate to meet the Caronet team,” said Marat Karpeko, COO at Wargaming.     “Caronet fully satisfies our requirements to operate the intensive development environment we need to deliver a complete set of services expected in an ace-high MMO game.   Their attention to specific details, however minute, plus their level of interpersonal communication really sets them far apart from the rest of the data centers we have worked with in the past. Expanding upon what we had and giving us invaluable input back and forth made the integration seamless.”

“Wargaming came to us looking for a company where quality and resiliency are core values with a strong reputation for delivering high performance solutions.  We were able to easily meet that requirement since those are the attributes that define who we are,” says Mike White, President of Caronet.  “We are excited to provide WarGaming.net with the reliable and scalable computing infrastructure that will allow them to painlessly grow its business and online community.”

Join the beta at (North American server): http://game.worldoftanks.com/registration/

Join the beta at (European Server): http://game.worldoftanks.eu/registration/

For more information on World of Tanks, visit http://www.worldoftanks.com/.

For more information about Caronet visit http://www.caro.net

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