What is a cloud convergence?

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December 31st, 2013 By:

Once upon a time, all business computer systems operated in isolation. If you were lucky, you at least connected them with a server, but anything offsite was untouchable. Over time, as cloud computing has started to make its presence felt in business, many organizations now demand some type of converged infrastructure where cloud and on-premise technology seamlessly blend together. Thus, cloud convergence was born.

In the words of Wikipedia, converged infrastructure “ packages multiple information technology (IT) components into a single, optimized computing solution”. Therefore, with cloud convergence your on-premise technology, private cloud and public cloud solutions all work together as a cohesive system. Many IT companies and cloud service providers are now offering neatly packaged converged cloud solutions to their customers.

Businesses like cloud convergence because it allows for easier scalability, lower overall maintenance costs, greater flexibility and agility to turn their infrastructure into whatever direction business takes them, all with a guarantee of continued service from their provider.

Despite all of the obvious benefits there are some possible disadvantages to consider in converged infrastructure. Vendor lock-in is a real possibility. You may spend hundreds of thousands for an all-in-one system from a vendor that goes out of business or simply fails to provide adequate support. On the same vein, converged infrastructure is often less about choices and more about making sure everything works out of the box. If you are used to doing things your own way, you may feel constricted.

Cloud convergence is great for a company that wants a solution that fits its unique business model while also being packaged and ready to go without a lot of hassle. It might not work well for all businesses, but it can be a viable solution for many.

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