What to Consider When Switching to Cloud Backup
July 12th, 2013 By: Tavis J. Hampton

Cloud backup offers a number of key advantages over traditional on-premise backup solutions. You use less hardware, need less security, and can often get a number of additional enterprise-level features for a lower price. Nevertheless, there are still many important issues you might want to consider before you decide to send your backups to the cloud.

  • Network strength – If you are going to backup everything to the cloud, you need to be prepared for increased network activity. Depending on the size of your backups, you may put a tremendous amount of stress on your network. Before you decide to use it, you should probably run some stress tests an analyze your network strength.
  • Restore viability – Just because you can successfully push backups over the cloud does not mean those backups will come back to you the way you sent them. You need to make sure the restore process goes smoothly before you commit your entire organization to it.
  • Security – How will the data be transported? You should be using some type of encryption, but not all cloud providers will require it, especially if you are setting up the backup system yourself on an open platform.
  • Longevity – With on-premise backups, this was always a concern, even with tapes or hard drives. How long do you expect your backups to be available from the cloud? Is the cloud provider trustworthy enough to keep your data store for the long term?

No backup solution is without its down sides. When it comes to cloud solutions, however, you will need to consider different factors than you would for in-house backups. Once you have ironed out those issues, you should be on your way to secure and efficient backups.

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